Wildlife Recovery - Koala

2020 Stamp & Medallion PNC

*Please Note* These PNCs are pre-owned and may show signs of wear*

The Koala is one of Australia's most distinctive and beloved native animals. The tree-dwelling marsupial is highly recognisable, with its compact and tailless body; its tufted, large rounded ears; and its flat spoon like nose between small, close-set eyes.

The Koala occurs naturally in eucalypt-dominated areas from Queensland down to the eastern seaboar to Victoria, and populations haven also been introduced to Kangaroo Island and to the Murray River and Adelaide regions of South Australia. 

Listed as "vulnerable', the iconic Koala was greatly affected by the 2019-20 bushfires, which burnt intensively through an estimated 12 million hectares, including through swathes of its eucalypt habitat. In many areas during and after the bushfires, Koalas were rescued and evacuated to triage centres and wildlife shelters.

Thanks to the recovery efforts that have saved many individual Koalas, some of these animals have now been released into areas unaffected by bushfires and with plentiful eucalyptus, on which these specialist feeders thrive.

The stamp has peen postmarked for the first day of issue, 4 August 2020.


Minimum Gross Weight 10 g
Maximum Diameter 60 mm
Maximum Thickness 5.2mm
Metal Component  Copper
Finish Antique Nickel


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