About Us


We are a family owned and run business, originally based in country Victoria.  We have been operating quietly online for several years and have just recently opened a shop for customers who like the convenience of visiting us in Melbourne CBD.

Shop online here or come and visit us in store at:
The Wales Cnr Building

Suite 605 (Level 6), 227 Collins St,
Melbourne CBD



Two of the most important things when you shop anywhere are value and customer service.  At Little Coin Shop we pride ourselves on making sure our customers are happy throughout the whole transaction and receive value for their money.  Lets face it – the products we sell are the same the world over.  A Perth Mint 1 ounce Kookaburra is the same whether you buy it from us or from anyone else.  The difference comes about through the price charged and the customer service that you receive before, during and after the transaction.  At Little Coin Shop we believe that our service is second to none and if you do actually find the same product somewhere else for a cheaper price – we’d love for you to contact us and give us the chance to see if we can make you a better deal!



At Little Coin Shop we make it policy to quickly remove items from the shopfront page that are out of stock so you know straight away whether that item that you are chasing is available or not.  Unfortunately in this industry – you never quite know what inventory you will have tomorrow.  Deliveries from suppliers can be fickle and when obtaining some of those hard to get coins – you have them one day and then they are gone and it may take a while to find another.  However, we understand the frustration of finding what you want on a website only to find that when you hit the “buy now” button – you receive an email saying “…sorry we are out of stock….”.



Don’t you hate it when you order that “special” item that you have been saving and searching for – only to have to wait weeks for delivery?  At Little Coin Shop we understand your desire so we package your parcel within 48 business hours and have it on it’s way so it should be in your hands within a very short period of time.



At Little Coin Shop we understand that things happen.  Sometimes you want to increase your order, sometimes you want to change it and other times you want to cancel it altogether.  Right up until your order is posted – we allow you to add to, change or even cancel your order without penalty.  However we do post items promptly so if you do want to make a change – let us know straight away.